Banting Diet dangers - Banting yourself into obesity

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The Banting Diet is all the craze right now, but the benefits maybe short-lived. At the core this high fat/high protein/low carb diet, it is setting you up for massive failure.
This can easily be verified by the magnitude of people who stopped with the Banting diet and who is now massively overweight due to this very serious problem.
Let’s look into what this problem is…

The insulin problem
By cutting out or minimizing carbs from your diet, you make your body’s insulin response more and more ineffective and “desensitize” it to such a degree that when you start eating carbs in the future again your body will be completely unable to deal with the carbs. This will result in you adding fat weight in a very fast fashion with the smallest amount of carbs eaten. The result is that a few months after you stopping with the banting diet, you will be massive in size, MUCH bigger than you were before you started with this diet.
The human body needs carbs to work effectively – full stop. The moment you cut it out from your diet is the moment you set yourself up for complete failure in the future.
You cannot indefinitely cut out carbs from your diet, it is NOT a practical approach, not from any angle…
Long term cutting out of carbs can actually lead to insulin resistance and metabolic damage!
Due to the ineffective insulin response on the banting diet a bodybuilder would find it near impossible to get a cut or ripped look. To get the body fat down to single digits carbs is essential. The carbs keep the insulin response healthy and this means you have a very high degree of control over fatloss. The banting diet is a serious no-no for any one interested in the fitness lifestyle.